Call for Papers and Technotes

The IEEE 3DUI 2014 Symposium solicits high quality papers and technotes within the scope of 3D UIs. Papers (up to 8 pages) should describe original and mature research results and will typically include some evidence of the value of the research, such as a user evaluation, formal proof, or well-substantiated argument. Technotes (up to 4 pages) should contain unpublished preliminary results of research, application, design or system work.

Each paper should be classifiable as mainly covering 3D UI research, applications, or systems using the following guidelines for each:

  • Research papers should describe results that contribute to advances in state-of-the-art 3D UI, in particular, in the areas of interaction, human-factors, evaluations, design or algorithms.
  • Application and design papers should explain how the authors built novel and creative 3D UIs to solve interesting problems. Each paper should include an evaluation of the use of the 3D UIs in the given application domain.
  • System papers should show results that contribute to advances in state-of-the-art 3D UI technology, soft- or hardware. Papers should describe how the implementers integrated known techniques and technologies to produce an effective 3D UI system along with any lessons learned in the process and include an evaluation of the system such as benchmarking of latency, frame-rate, jitter, or accuracy.

The authors of best papers from 3DUI 2014 will be invited to submit extended versions of their work to the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) and IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Graphics (IEEE TVCG).

Envisioned topics of the symposium and of the submitted works include:

    Topics of the symposium include:
  • 3D input devices
  • 3D interaction techniques and metaphors
  • 3D displays and sensory feedback
  • 3D UIs for virtual, mixed or augmented reality
  • Desktop and mobile 3D UIs
  • Collaborative 3D interaction
  • 3D digital fabrication
  • Evaluation methods for 3D UIs
  • 3D perception
  • Brain-computer-interfaces for 3D
  • 3D applications such as CAD and design, architecture, historical heritage, industry, games and entertainment, education and learning, etc.

Papers and Technotes Submission Dates:

  • Abstract submission due (required) - November 11, 2013
  • Paper Submission due - November 15, 2013
  • Author notification - December 22, 2013
  • Camera-ready papers - January 10, 2014

Note that an abstract must be uploaded prior to the paper. This facilitates assigning reviewers, as the review process is on a tight schedule.

Papers and Technotes should be prepared in IEEE VGTC format submitted through the submission web site in PDF format, and will be reviewed by the program committee and external reviewers. Reviewing is double-blind. Accepted papers and technotes will be published by IEEE in the official Symposium proceedings. An International award committee will also award the best Paper and Technote.