This year, IEEE 3DUI will hold the 5th annual 3DUI Contest. It is open to anyone interested in 3D user interfaces, from researchers to students, enthusiasts, and professionals. The purpose of the contest is to stimulate innovative and creative solutions to challenging 3D user interface problems. 3DUI 2014 will be co-located with IEEE Virtual Reality. Due to the recent explosion of affordable and portable 3D devices, this year's contest will be judged live at 3DUI. Contestants are required to bring their systems for live judging for attendees to experience them.

The 3DUI Contest is open to anyone interested in 3D user interfaces - researchers, students, hobbyists, and professionals. Contestants can use any software and hardware.

Problem Description

Build a system that allows users to annotate 3D point clouds obtained from 3D scanners. An annotation must not just apply to a single point; the system must support the accurate labeling of sets of points. The set of tools provided by the system must be versatile enough to support the authoring of overlapping hierarchies of annotations at varying scales. For example, a human ‘bust’ could simultaneously have annotations for ‘pupils’, ‘eyes’, ‘face’, and ‘head’.

In addition to the live demo, contestants must submit a 90 second video and a 2 page abstract, which describes how they developed, evaluated, and iterated upon their solution, and describes related previous work, and how their system is novel.

Sample datasets will be provided by the end of September via the contest web site, and a surprise dataset (in the same file format) will be revealed during judging. The judging criteria are novelty, effectiveness, and usability.

Contest Registration

Teams should register for the contest by December 15 via email to with the following information: team name, team members, affiliation, and contact email.

Important Dates

  • Contest Registration Deadline - December 15, 2013
  • Submission of 2-page abstract (for proceedings) and short video - January 3, 2013
  • Notification of which entries are accepted - January 10, 2014
  • Final video submission - March 15, 2014
  • Live Contest at 3DUI - March 29-30, 2014

Jason Jerald, Rob Teather, Gerd Bruder, Sharif Razzaque
IEEE 3DUI 2014 Contest Chairs (