Best Paper

Combating VR Sickness through Subtle Dynamic Field-Of-View Modification
Ajoy Fernandes, Steven K. Feiner

Best Paper (Honorable Mention)

Interpreting 2D Gesture Annotations in 3D Augmented Reality
Benjamin Nuernberger, Kuo-Chin Lien, Tobias Höllerer, Matthew Turk

Best Technote

Automatic Speed Adjustment for Travel through Immersive Virtual Environments based on Viewpoint Quality
Sebastian Freitag, Benjamin Weyers, Torsten W. Kuhlen

Best Technote (Honorable Mention)

Collision Avoidance in the Presence of a Virtual Agent in Small-Scale Virtual Environments
Andrea Bönsch, Benjamin Weyers, Jonathan Wendt, Sebastian Freitag, Torsten W. Kuhlen