Teams of up to ten people may submit solutions.


Teams must submit a short paper of two pages, with a description of the solution, details about the hardware and software used, a brief description of the closest related work and how your system is novel, and a description of how you iterated upon the design. If your submission is accepted, this paper will be included in the 3DUI proceedings, and therefore must be formatted using the IEEE Computer Society format [include here the link to the template].


Teams must also submit a video that presents the solution to the public, including an explanation of the equipment, software, and interaction techniques used to solve the problem. Additionally, the video should include representative footage of example users as they perform the task. If your submission is accepted, the video will be included in the electronic proceedings. Videos should have a length of 60-90 seconds, and should include the title along with the names and affiliations of the contestants. The submitted file should be a high quality compressed video with a size of no more than 50 MB. We will accept videos in MPEG (.mpg), Quicktime (.mov), AVI (.avi), MP4 (.mp4), Matroska (.mkv), or Flash Video (.flv) formats.


If your submission is accepted, you will participate in a live demo session at the conference, where you will showcase your work to the 3DUI community and have a chance to win awards. Since this year's contest will be judged live at 3DUI, we will invite various judges from the community to judge your solution. The referees will give three scores: 1) the idea of the 3DUI design concentrating on the developed 3DUI, 2) the novelty of the 3DUIs, and 3) the user experience using the solution. We will further offer an online judging for all attendees to the demo asking for judging the same criterions.

The final score will be the combination of the expert judges’ score (70%) plus the audience scores (30%). The winning team with the highest score, as well as a runner-up with the second highest score, will be awarded during the closing session of 3DUI.