The following posters will be presented at IEEE 3DUI 2016:

A Browser-based 3DUI for Designing and Controlling Virtual Sonic Environments
Anıl Çamcı, Paul Murray, Angus Graeme Forbes

Towards a Comparative Evaluation of Visually Guided Physical Reach Motions During 3D Interactions in Real and Virtual Environments
Elham Ebrahimi, Sabarish V. Babu, Christopher C. Pagano, Sophie Joerg

Discriminative Hand Localization in Depth Images
Max Ehrlich, Philippos Mordohai

3D Gesture Mouse: Being multitask without losing the focus
Juliano Franz, Aline Meniny, Luciana Nedel

In-situ Flood Visualisation Using Mobile AR
Paul S. Haynes, Eckart Lange

Supporting Computational Thinking through Gamification
Joseph Isaac, Sabarish V. Babu

What is Wrong with your Gesture? An Error-based Assistance for Gesture Training in Virtual Environments
Florian Jeanne, Yann Soullard, Indira Thouvenin

Looking into HMD: A Method of Latency Measurement For Head Mounted Display
Ryugo Kijima, Kento Miyajima

Smartwatch-assisted Robust 6-DOF Hand Tracker for Object Manipulation in HMD-based Augmented Reality
Hyung-il Kim, Woontack Woo

Rhythmic Vibrations to Heels and Forefeet to Produce Virtual Walking
Ryota Kondo, Keisuke Goto, Katsuya Yoshiho, Yasushi Ikei, Koichi Hirota, Michiteru Kitazaki

Designing Capsule, an Input Device to Support the Manipulation of Biological Datasets
Wallace S. Lages, Gustavo A. Arango, David H. Laidlaw, John J. Socha, Doug A. Bowman

Toward Vibrotactile Rendering for Irregular 2D Tactor Arrays
Nicholas G. Lipari, Christoph W. Borst

A Part-task Haptic Simulator for Ophthalmic Surgical Training
Jia Luo, P. Pat Banerjee, Cristian J. Luciano, Patrick Kania, Shammema Sikder, William G. Myers

Considerations on Binocular Mismatching in Observation-Based Diminished Reality
Hitomi Matsuki, Shohei Mori, Sei Ikeda, Fumihisa Shibata, Asako Kimura, Hideyuki Tamura

Navigation in Virtual Environments: Design and Comparison of Two Anklet Vibration Patterns for Guidance
Jeremy Plouzeau, Aida Erfanian, Cynthia Chiu, Frederic Merienne, Yaoping Hu

Gaitzilla: A Game to Study the Effects of Virtual Embodiment in Gait Rehabilitation
Sharif Shahnewaz, Imtiaz Afarat, Tanvir Irfan, Gayani Samaraweera, Mikael Dallaire-Côté, David Labbe, John Quarles

3D Sketching on Interactively Unfolded Vascular Structures for Treatment Planning
Patrick Saalfeld, Sylvia Glaßer, Oliver Beuing, Mandy Grundmann, Bernhard Preim